Commission Unique Pet Portraits by Margarita Apple
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About Margarita Apple

What I Do

Margarita AppleMy painting style is fun and happy with bright, vivid, colors, and settings. When a family commissions me to paint a portrait of their pets, I enjoy visiting and meeting the portrait subjects when possible. It never fails that I immediately fall in love with the critters and their unique personalities. I like to take the ideas about what a family wants in their artwork (colors, setting, sizeÖ) and render their wishes in my painting style.

IĎve been drawing and painting since I grew up near New York City and Montreal. Iím proud to say I graduated Phi Beta Kappa studying Studio Art, Physics, and Dance in Ohio. I even got to study art and architecture in Spain and visit galleries and museums throughout Europe. While working on a masterís degree at UCLAís Graduate School of Architecture, I took off to volunteer as a carpenter building homes, schools, and water systems in the northern mountains of Nicaragua. I hung up my tool belt, but never my paintbrush, and have been teaching in bilingual inner-city elementary schools in East Los Angeles and Phoenix, AZ for almost 20 years. Iíve also been raising three wonderful sons.

Iím as happy as a dog with two tails fetching up and unleashing artistic license in my paintings of peopleís pets. (Couldn't resist.)

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